Women Wage Inequality in 2014 Is Still a Problem

Women wages are often in doubt whether they reach the same as a man’s wage. It does seem that inequality in women wages are a big problem in 2014 for the simple fact that men are being paid more than a woman who is doing the exact same! It doesn’t seem fair however; this is something that happens more and more today. Even in 2014, the inequality between men and women’s wages are great.Read more about gender pay gap http://www.aauw.org/research/the-simple-truth-about-the-gender-pay-gap/

Different Times

Forty or fifty years ago, the world was a very different place. Women were becoming more and more involved in the roles that you often see today such as law, business and many other simple industries. However, back then decades ago the wages were not equal, it was fair to say that men were soaring ahead of the women on their wages because that was how the world worked. The man was the one who earned the most because he was the one providing for the family.Click here to see some working women facts published by United States Labor Department

However, over the years all that has changed. Men are still the heads of the household but more women got into the work place and the need for women to work was important also. There were times when the need for women to start working was important and today everyone needs to work in order to survive. That doesn’t mean the women wages are equal.

Women Wage Inequality in 2014 Is Still a Problem

How Things Have Changed but Haven’t Much Improved

To be honest, the years have rolled by so quickly but when it comes to equality with women wages, it hasn’t much improved. Its 2014 but it doesn’t seem that the women wages have increased all that much. Yes, women are getting a fairly good wage depending on what sector they work in but at the same time, men are still being paid much more than what women are.

Wages are in a good form today but really the amount of inequality that is seen is still very much a problem. It is true however because in many average sectors such as computing, accounting, general managers jobs and most other sectors are all lacking in equality. It has become such a huge problem and one that many are suffering.

Wages Need To Be Equal

There are some jobs that pay women well but that is mainly because there are very few men in that area. However, in most nine to five jobs, men are soaring ahead on pay and they are being paid a lot more than what most women are. Women wages need to be equal if the world is to be equal! In many parts of the world, pay is averaged amongst men and women however in some parts of the world the inequality is terrible and women do not get treated fairly, pay wise.

It is 2014 but still the problems with inequality in many areas including women wages are terrible! Though, let’s be fair, there are some jobs which men don’t do or are found in fewer numbers which ensures women are paid fairly. However, there are also jobs which have very few women that don’t treat them the same as a man’s wages even though they have been in the job for the same amount of time and have as much experience also.

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